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New Wharf for Georges Island

profile view of the new wharf at low tide.

Develop Nova Scotia today released the RFQ for construction of a new wharf on Georges Island. The project will see the existing wharf cut down, and a new pile structure twice its size constructed.

The new wharf will be 135′ long, and 18′ wide. there will be 60′ of Floating dock on either side of the main wharf to allow for boat access. Deadline for bids is Sept 17.

The Current wharf was built in 2004, and is built over the ruins of previous wharves. The first wharf was constructed by 1784, and was historically 130′ in length, and 20-25′ wide – the approximate dimensions to the proposed structure.

Cutlass Fury Attendees

Exercise Cutlass Fury is taking place September 9. The announcement has said 22 ships will take part.So Far, it appears NATO Standing maritime Group 1 will be in attendance. SNMG1 currently consists of:
– USS Gridley (American)
– BNS Leopold I (Belgium)
– NRP Francisco de Almeida (Portugal)
– KNM Thor Heyerdahl (Norway)

I am also hearing that the new Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will be making an Appearance. It has in the past traveled with a Destroyer and Supply ship.

This post will be updated as i learn more details.

UPDATE 1. Marlant has confirmed Asterix will be participating via a tweet.

UPDATE 2. the Royal navy confirmed HMS Northumberland will be sailing to Halifax. the release also states that Northumberland is part of the QE Carrier strike group with HMS Dragon and RFA Tideforce.

UPDATE 3: Arrivals are beginning to be posted – On September 5th, HDMS PETER WILLEMOES (Danish),HNLMS VAN SPEIJK (Dutch) and HNOMS THOR HEYERDAHL (Norwegian) are due.


UPDATE 5: A US navy Submarine is Due on the 4th. it is USS New Hampshire, Virginia class, fast attack . Other confirmed arrivals include USS GRIDLEY, USS JASON DUNHAM , and BNS LEOPOLD

UPDATE 6: HMS Queen Elizabeth will be in Halifax in this month. She is traveling with HMS Dragon, and RFA Tideforce

Defence watch reports HMC Ships Fredericton, Ville de Quebec, St. John’s, Shawinigan, and Glace Bay will be participating for Canada.

Incidentally – the previous reports mentions 22 Ships and 8 countries. So far we have:
Canada – 6 ( Fredericton, Ville de Quebec, St. John’s, Shawinigan, Glace Bay and Asterix)
UK – 1 (HMS Northumberland)
Netherlands -1 (HNLMS VAN SPEIJK )

France is likely a participant, and will probably send a Frigate and a Submarine as they did in 2016. Add the Leeway Odyssey we have 18 ships. The HMS Queen Elizabeth, RFA Tideforce and HMS Duncan bring us to 21 ships. the RN Carrier group also includes a Astute class Submarine.

UPDATE 7: the French anti-submarine frigate La Motte-Picquet was spotted working with HMS Queen Elizabeth and RFA Tideforce.

Asterix Returns

The Asterix returned to Halifax this morning, and anchored in the Basin for Asian Gypsy Moth Inspection. it will move to Jetty NN – which is the Bedford Magazine, and then finally tie up at Pier 9.

Asterix at Jetty NN. (File photo)

Asterix’s arrival completes a 502-day deployment involving a wide range of international naval exercises, real world operations and diplomatic visits throughout the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf.

Since Federal Fleet Service’s Combat Support Ship departed Halifax on the 11th April 2018, she has sailed 150,721 nautical miles – the equivalent of five times around the world.

During the deployment, Asterix completed 197 supply operations with 40 Canadian, NATO and allied warships from 12 different countries; supplying 30.8 million litres of ship’s fuel and over 530,000 litres of aircraft fuel.

The Ship is due to head to Davie for a work period in October.

NOAA Okeanos Explorer

The NOAA Research Vessel Okeanos Explorer arrived last week at COVE after completeting the first leg of its expedition Deep Connections 2019: Exploring Atlantic Canyons and Seamounts of the United States and Canada. Leg 2 of the expedition starts August 26 and will include mapping and remotely operated vehicle exploration

Prior to being obtained by NOAA in 2004 and commissioned in 2008, the Okeanos Explorer operated as the U.S. Naval Ship Capable, a Stalwart-class ocean surveillance ship (T-AGOS). As a ocean surveillance ship, it collected acoustic data and looked for submarines.

the name was chose through a contest – In ancient Greek cosmology, Okeanos was the river/ocean that encircled the world. The ship is homeported in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Find out more about the ship at

The dirty underbelly of cruise ships

This week in the Herald, i look at some of the serious issues with the Cruise industry.

Holland America Lines is one of 9 Carnival Corp PLC brands.

One Ocean Expeditions recently had its ship RCGS Resolute Arrested in Iqaluit for unpaid bills to a Halifax based company.

In recent years from Carnival Corp PLC, the worlds largest cruise company, responsible for 42% of Halifax Cruise calls has racked up more then 60million in fines from US Regulators for failing to follow environmental rules.

Gcaptain covered the initial use of the Magic Pipes on 5 Princess Cruises ships and their fine for violating probation related to those cases.

For more on Various incidents (and to see how frequently they occur) See Cruise Law News or Cruise Junkie – both sites track Cruise incidents. Junkie merely lists them, but is more complete. Cruise Law news offers commentary.

BBC Polonia at Pier 9

BBC Polonia tied up at pier 9 yesterday. the ship was built in 2010, and features two 140ton cranes. It may be carrying cable for International Telecom.

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