NOAA Okeanos Explorer

The NOAA Research Vessel Okeanos Explorer arrived last week at COVE after completeting the first leg of its expedition Deep Connections 2019: Exploring Atlantic Canyons and Seamounts of the United States and Canada. Leg 2 of the expedition starts August 26 and will include mapping and remotely operated vehicle exploration

Prior to being obtained by NOAA in 2004 and commissioned in 2008, the Okeanos Explorer operated as the U.S. Naval Ship Capable, a Stalwart-class ocean surveillance ship (T-AGOS). As a ocean surveillance ship, it collected acoustic data and looked for submarines.

the name was chose through a contest – In ancient Greek cosmology, Okeanos was the river/ocean that encircled the world. The ship is homeported in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

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