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Lyubov Orlova Under control

Huskey Energy is reporting that one of its boats has taken the Lyubov Orlova  Under tow.
Huskey is the Operator of the Hiberina platform off Newfoundland, and contracted Atlantic Towing to provide platform support vessels.

As the Lyubov Orlova was adrift without crew, this would count as salvage, meaning Atlantic Towing could file a claim against the vessel to cover its costs for recovery. Given the vessel was sold for scrap, and is likely uninsured, it likely means it is now Atlantic Towings’ to scrap to recover thier costs.

Update via the Telegram
As of 4 p.m. today, the towed MV Lyubov Orlova was 100 kilometres north of Husky Energy’s SeaRose floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) platform, according to a spokeswoman for the operator.

An offshore supply vessel, the Atlantic Hawk, began towing the previously adrift vessel at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday. As of 10 a.m. Thursday, it was 70 kilometres north of the FPSO platform.

Highlanders out of the Nova Dock

well Almost…

She was scheduled for an 11 am departure, however due to arriving container ship, tugs were not available untill 1230. as of 1500 she is still in the dock, with Atlantic Oak and Larch in Attendance.

She Sailed Just Prior to 1600

UPDATE: AIS Shows ETA for her arrival in North Sydney at 1000 tomorrow, however she has tied up at Halterm with the assistance of Atlantic Oak as of 2100. no news as to why.

Lyubov Orlova Adrift

Various sources are reporting that the Vessel Lyubov Orlova is now adrift at sea. The tug Charlene Hunt was ordered back to St Johns by transport canada over safety concerns, after she lost the tow off Cape Race, last thursday.

The CCGS Cape Roger (File Photo, Below) is On Station, and the Lyubov Orlova is reportedly drifting out to sea.

Halterms New cranes

I have recived word that halterms 2 new Super Post Panamax Container cranes will depart China on June 8th. This is 4 months ahead of schedule.

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