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FELEX Finished – HMCS Toronto Handed back to RCN


HMCS Toronto was handed back to the navy this morning – the 7th and final Ship to go through the FELEX program at Halifax Ship yards. HMCS Fredericton is the first FELEX’d ship to see overseas deployment, and is currently serving with Nato in Europe.

HMCS Halifax was the first ship to complete the Upgrades, Being handed back to the navy in January 2013.

FELEX Update – first 4 done

The Defense minister held a press conference to Announce the The first 4 frigates modernized as part of the FELEX program, HMCS Halifax, Fredericton, Calgary, and Winnipeg are complete, and ready for operational deployment.

For East Coast Boats,
Montreal Is in Post Update workups,
Charlottetown is at the Machine Shop Wharf, St. John’s is in the Graving Dock.
Ville De Quebec is Preparing to go to the shipyard this fall at the dockyard, and HMCS Toronto is on deployment, scheduled to enter the yard in the summer.

HMCS Fredricton will be the first to be deployed, Presumably as HMCS Toronto’s Replacement in the Standing Nato Maritime Group.

Video below shows some of the work done. The ships look to get gutted at the shipyard.

HMCS Montreal On Trials

Having completed her FELEX refit, HMCS Montreal has spent the last few days on Workups. Montreal is the third Ship to go through the FELEX process, and was returned to the Dockyard back in September. She now Joins Halifax And Fredericton as being complete, and on to workups.

Montreal was used as the test vessel for the cyclone, so she likely carries the modifications for this Helo, as does Halifax. Fredericton retained the Seaking layout, though likely had the deck strengthened.

FELEX Updates

The past week saw HMCS Charlottetown move from the graving dock to the machine shop wharf. HMCS St.Johns took her place in the graving dock shortly after.

Halifax and Fredericton are complete and running trials, Montreal is tied up at the dockyard being kitted out prior to trials.

Photo Above by Adm. Newton, Via Twitter.

HMCS Montreal Done FELEX

HMCS Montreal is due to move from the Machine Shop Wharf to the Dockyard today at 1300. She will be the third vessel to complete the Shipyard portion of FELEX.

HMCS Charlettown is currently in the graving dock, and HMCS St Johns will take her place when she moves to the Machine Shop Wharf.

Interestingly, HMCS Halifax had the flight deck modifications for the cyclone. these do not appear to have been preformed on the Fredericton, though the deck was probably strengthened anyway.

HMCS Halifax

HMCS Halifax Spent the weekend secured to 4 mooring trot buoys in the North end of the Basin this weekend, Likely undergoing system and sensor tests. The Fleet Diving Unit appeared to be in Attendance, and a barge is alongside acting as a wharf for smaller vessels.

She Departed this morning for sea.

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