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HMCS Halifax, Up Close, Post Felex

HMCS Halifax, the first vessel to complete her FELEX refit, spent the first weekend in may tied up on the waterfront for battle of the atlantic commemorations. 

(Above) Hanger Antena fit. (Below) note the dark stripe – this is likely heat or emi resistant paint

(Above) Antena Fit (below) Upgraded 57mm Gun

(Above) Forward view of Masts (below) New Fin saves fuel. HMCS Toronto had one installed before she deployed.

FELEX Updates

with HMCS Fredericton clear of the machine shop wharf, HMCS Montreal is scheduled to move to Machine Shop wharf on Mar 15. This long delay between Fredericton and Montreal is likely to allow completion of the new structure on the wharf. Charlottetown is scheduled to go into graving dock April 1

Halifax SHipyard Improvements

(Above) As part of the FELEX program, a new structure is being built at the machine shop wharf. this will provide closerr access to tools, and faclities to workers, as well as serve as a platform for boarding vessels. Construction has recently started, and the frame has takken shape.

(Below)Also work on the Pier 6/7 expansion has commenced with the removal of the existing pier face.

HMCS Fredricton Now At the Machine Shop Wharf

HMCS Fredericton was moved this past Saturday Morning to the Machine Shop Wharf. This signals the end of the major structural work being complete, and the fitting out of addtional systems will now take place.

The Graving Dock will Next be Occupied by HMCS Montreal.

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