New Wharf for Georges Island

profile view of the new wharf at low tide.

Develop Nova Scotia today released the RFQ for construction of a new wharf on Georges Island. The project will see the existing wharf cut down, and a new pile structure twice its size constructed.

The new wharf will be 135′ long, and 18′ wide. there will be 60′ of Floating dock on either side of the main wharf to allow for boat access. Deadline for bids is Sept 17.

The Current wharf was built in 2004, and is built over the ruins of previous wharves. The first wharf was constructed by 1784, and was historically 130′ in length, and 20-25′ wide – the approximate dimensions to the proposed structure.

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5 thoughts on “New Wharf for Georges Island

  1. Barrie MacLeod

    About time!
    The old pier worked well in 1984.
    In the normal SW wind our sailboats tailed off the pier nicely.
    We used the old pier in the 1950s through the 1980s until it was destroyed during reconstruction of the fort.
    Was going to upload a photo but I guess not.

    Enjoy your site.

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