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This Week in the Herald

This week i talk about CN’s proposed acquisition of Halterm and why its a good fit with what the company is doing on the west coast.

RTG in use to unload rail cars at Fairview Cove

I Suggested that Doubling the number of tracks at Halterm from 4 to 8 would actually allow an entire train to be made up in the terminal. Right now, there are 2000′ of track at Pier 36, and 6000′ parallel to Pier 41/42. If those double tracks were doubled, and the equipment changed from Toplifts to RTG’s then there would be more then enough room to accommodate the increased capacity.

unloading railcars with a toplift.

we covered Halifax Area Rail Operations in ShipSpotting 101 as well as how a container terminal works.

This week in the Herald…

this week in the Herald, I talk about the act of Piracy that put the CCGS Corporal McLearn MMV in the water, and the effect this has had on the ships namesakes family.

The CME Shipyard has lax security. The yard appears to have cameras, but isn’t surrounded by fence. Given the timelines, it appears the yard did not have a security guard on site 24/7 despite being required too by the statement of work issued by the government.  CME said that the ship was fine at midnight, but was in the water at the next check. We don’t know the time of that check, however the police stated in a release they received the call at 9:05am.

This Week in the Herald

This week in the Herald, I talk about Atlantic Towing picking up west coast work with the coast guard, after they won a contract to provide 2 emergency towing vessels in BC.

I also mention the shifting of bunkering to Saint John. The port Authority confirmed that Sterling will still be offering bunker product by truck in Halifax.

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This week in the Herald

This week, I talk about the birth of the container industry, and its constant struggle to remain profitable in a repeating cycle of larger ships cutting costs, leading to more larger ships, leading to excess capacity, leading to more large ships.

the container liners are a big departure from the tramp steamers they replaced, bringing speed and a schedule where there was none previously.

For a much more detailed history of the shipping container, I suggest reading Marc Levinson’s The Box.

Port Denied Expansion Funding.

From Saturdays Paper – The Federal Government turned down the ports request for 30 million dollars to expand Pier 41/42, citing downtown truck traffic.

This despite 300 million in port spending to Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec, all 3 of which have downtown container terminals.

The blame for this can be placed on the Local MP.

Read the Article online here.

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