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This week in the Herald

This week in the Herald, I discuss covid-19, and its impacts on the port, and large offshore projects. as well as the sting of record breaking container ships to call in the coming months.

Since submitting the article:

  • we have confirmation that the Siem Cicero has been denied entry to the port after the ship reported several ill Crew members.
  • We also learned that the Crane Ship Thialf arrived in the outer Anchorage this morning. there is no word if it will enter the Harbour, though Atlantic Kesterel paid it a visit this evening.

Hoegh Masan to anchor

A rare sight, A Car Carrier Anchored in the Basin. This is likely due to autoport being closed for Easter, and also apparently for a CFIA Gypsy Moth Inspection. With Large tankers tieing up the inner harbour anchorages, the Basin was the only other option.

This is not the first time a PCTC (Pure Car truck Carrier) has been in the basin. In March 2011 Osaka Car tied up at firview cove. Hoegh Masan has also been to halifax before, in June 2011 as CSAV Rio Salado.