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Anchor in the Basin.

NYK Constellation to anchor in the basin to wait out weather after spending Saturday at Fairview cove. NYK Constellation was built in 2007, and is rated for 4888TEU. It currently operating on the Alliances AL5 service. AL5 serves Northern Europe, making stops in Halifax and Port Everglades Florida, before stopping in South America,passing through the panama canal, stopping in LA, Seattle, Vancouver, and Oakland. NYK Constellation is currently on the return leg, heading back to Southampton.

Hyundai Faith arrived Saturday and took to anchor to wait out weather before moving to the terminal this morning. the ship is serving on the Alliances EC5 service. the ship was built in 2008, and is rated for 8566TEU.

Weather delays

once again weather is restricting movements into and out of the Harbor. CATHARINA SCHULTE and BOMAR REBECCA were both due at Halterm overnight, but are still sailing around the mouth of the Harbour. the Bulker Algoma Integrity was due to depart from national Gypsum, but remains tied up there.

winds are still strong, at 23 Knots, Gusting to 34, and are forecast to remain so until tomorrow evening, however waves appear to have subsided with a Max height now just 4′ compared with 10′ last night.

UPDATE 0930 – CATHARINA SCHULTE took her pilot and is headed inbound.

Delayed Express

the Call by Dalian Express this weekend was beset by Delays. She finally sailed around 7:30 Last night.

On arrival she took to anchor in Bedford basin to wait for the departure of Alexandria to free up the western birth. she then moved into place, and was worked overnight, and then missed her sailing due to weather at the pilot station, spending the day alongside until she was able to sail last night.

On Weather Watch

Strong winds and rains have shutdown pilotage operations outside the harbour.

Zim Texas appears to have anchored in the outer anchorage, and tankers Heather Knudsen and Serifos are circling. (Serifos had been at anchor after offloading at Tufts Cove over the weekend) Fusion is also out there.

Setback for McAsphalt/Stirling

McAsphalt/Stirling who are now running the Algoma Dartmouth were in the process of adding a tank to their farm in eastern passage to store bunker fuels. I stopped by to take a photo, and discovered it was damaged in yesterdays wind. As the tank was still being erected, it was lacking full support, including a roof.

Hurricane Arthur Update

With the worst of the storm still due in Halifax, many arrivals have taken shelter.

(Above)Offshore supply Vessel Panuke Sea is riding out the storm in the basin. (Below) Zim Texas arived, and went right to anchor. Maersk Palermo also arrived this morning, but tied up at 42, which is one of the most exposed piers in the port.

(Below)Thorco Celebration arrived and also went to anchor. She is Pretty typical of the general cargo vessels we get in Halifax.

(Below) Irving Tanker Acadian, also at anchor. She recently arrived from St johns, and may have product for the irving facility here.

Zim backup

Zim Barcelona is currently anchored off pier42 mostly empty. Zim Rio Grande is currently in the outer anchorages. Zim Barcelona departed pier 41 earlier but was unable to sail due to high seas and wind shutting down pilotage operations. Zim rio grande is unable to enter for the same reason.

One vessel did enter port. The offshore tug Ryan Leat has a pilotage exemption

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