Halifax Bound Ship denied port entry over Covid-19

The Port Authority has confirmed one Vessel is undergoing Assessment by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The Port Authority referred me to CPHA for more details, however they are not surprisingly taking a long time to answer the phone.

It seem likely that the effected Vessel is The PCTC Siem Cicero, which arrived off Halifax on the 22nd having sailed from Emden Germany March 9th. The Ship has been circling off the coast Since the 22nd.

Arriving Ships are required to report any illness onboard 24hours prior to arrival in Canadian Waters. given 14 day quarantines, its likely the ship will be held until 14days after the ill crew recovers.

Built in 2017, the ship has a capacity for 7000 cars.

UPDATE: the CPHA got back, and confirmed that several cases of illness consistent with Covid-19 on board the ship were reported on the the 17th. Under section 39 of the Quarantine Act, the ship will not be permitted to enter port until 14 days after the last symptoms.

The ship is currently giving an ETA in Halifax of the morning of April 6th.

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