MSC Diversions due to Montreal Strike

Labour strife at the Port of Montreal has caused both MSC Veronique and MSC Sariska to divert to Halifax, the latter pulling a u turn off Quebec. MSC Veronique arrived Sunday morning and spent the day, with a departure scheduled for 8 am Monday morning.

MSC Sariska arrived around 9pm, and has no scheduled departure at this time. Earlier in the week, Maersk Patras called on Halifax first, before sailing for Montreal to avoid a labour disruption there.

MSC Veronique sailed at 8am for New York. the majority of her cargo was discharged, and will be moved by rail. the MSC ships are only 4000teu, which allows them to reach Montreal with out encountering any draft or load restrictions.

MSC Sariska is due to sail at 4:30

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