Cormorant is a Mess.

This week in the Herald I talk about the work done by the Coast Guard to HMCS Cormorant.

This should be an easy case for the CG to deal with, yet it appears they did a substandard job dealing with the ships 2015 sinking, and now needed to come back and fix what they did.Even this most recent action is problematic, as steps that probably should have been taken when the assessment being conducted discovered the issues. The assessment was completed in October, and Work began Dec 1.

Bellow are the CCGS Tweets on the work.

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2 thoughts on “Cormorant is a Mess.

  1. Jim MacDonald

    Hello Peter
    Your article mentions the Cormorant being moored in Bridgewater by the “Artificial Reef Society of NS” in 2002. I believe you’ve confused her with the Fraser which that Society had bought previously and moored there in hopes of creating a museum. From all reports I’ve read, the Cormorant was purchased by US owners who kept her in Shelburne for a while before moving to Bridgewater and eventually abandoning her there. Around 2008, I spoke to a fellow who was aboard Cormorant and claimed to be one of the owners. He was not associated with the Society.

    Also, “eyesore” is in the eye of the beholder. Whenever I visited Bridgewater to see the Fraser and Cormorant, that didn’t even enter my mind. But I guess we nerds are different than the general public.

    1. Peter Post author

      yah. the ownership history since it left the navy is questionable. its changed hands a few times, to companies that may or may not exist.
      I believe the society owned it at one point, which it how it became owned by the port of Bridgewater, who then may have sold it.


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