Parc Jaques De Lesseps

Montreal airport has a plane spotting park. its fantastic.

back in 2012, the airport authority took a piece of land next to runway 6r, added a mound of earth so you can see over the fence, some bleachers and benches and garbage cans, and created a great spot for kids of all ages.

there were the scanner toting hard core Av geeks (myself included) but also lots of family’s and couples. YUL sees the standard mix of Canadian Domestic Flights

Normal Operations at YUL have arrivals on one runway, and departures on the other, however the other runway was closed, so all operations were happening on 6r

This past weekend was the Mortreal Grand Prix, so there was a fair number of Biz Jets arriving and departing. Bombardier also has a facility at YUL, so several test flights were also underway, including this jet with its ram air turbine deployed. (Below)

The Full 850+ photo Gallery can be found on Flickr

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