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New Crane for PSA Halifax Arrives

The Zhen Hua 29 arrived this morning with the new crane For PSA Halifax. The Crane was ordered last year, prior to the sale of the terminal to PSA.

Also on board the ship are 2 container Cranes bound for the EuroFOS terminal in Fos-sur-Mer France in the Mediterranean, and two gantry cranes for handling bulk products (Equipped with clam shell buckets) destined for Algeria.

the Zhen Hua 29 Departed Shanghai china April 24th, and sailed via the Cape of Good Hope.


here is How they unload it.

PSA Halifax’s New Cranes Ship

the Zhen Hua 29 sailed from Shanghai today, with PSA Halifax’s new crane onboard. The ship is currently due to arrive June 22, baring any delays.

Like the other cranes at PSA Halifax, the crane was manufactured by ZPMC, but will be even larger then the two SPPX cranes added in 2013, spanning 24 bays across, vs 22 for the current cranes.

The addition of the new crane, and an option for a second were announced in February 2019, I’m told two tie down locations are being installed at pier41 suggesting the option for a second crane has been exercised.

Halterm announces new crane and other equipment

Arrival of 2 New SPPX Cranes in Halifax, 2013.

Halterm announced it has Procured the Equipment required to add another Crane unit – with options for a second.

The Equipment ordered, Includes a new SPPX Container crane, capable of reaching 24bays across, to be delivered in June 2020. 2 New RTG’s, and 9 new yard tractors and container chasis will support the crane in the terminal.

Delivery should coincide with the completion of the terminal expansion.

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