Bigroll Beaufort.

Arriving late this afternoon is the the Bigroll Beaufort, loaded with 2 offshore wind turbines for the CVOR, or Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project. The ship will be tieing up at Woodside.

To get around the US Jones act, the Turbine equipment will be delivered to Halifax, where it will be loaded on the Installation vessel Vole au Vent, to then be taken to the installation site off the Virginia Coast. Vole au Vent is still in Rotterdam.

The Jones act is a piece of US legislation that requires any transport of goods between US ports to be done on US Built, Crewed and Flagged ships. Currently there are no US Offshore Wind installation vessels.

From the Project Release:
“Dominion Energy and Ørsted announced today the turbine components and monopiles for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) pilot project have started their journey to North America.

The foundations, consisting of the turbines’ monopiles, transition pieces and anode cages fabricated by EEW SPC, have been loaded onto the Bigroll Beaufort cargo ship in Rostock, Germany. The components for the two, 6-megawatt Siemens Gamesa turbines were loaded in Esbjerg, Denmark, before the vessel embarked in mid-April on the approximately two-week transatlantic journey to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Installation of the two turbines, located 27 miles offshore, is expected to begin later this spring and they are expected to enter service by the end of the year.”

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5 thoughts on “Bigroll Beaufort.

  1. David MacNeil

    I’m curious as to how the Jones Act factor’s in here. The turbines are built and shipped from Europe. Where would the transport between US ports be? Is the issue with landing them in the US, and then reloading them on to the European installation vessel for installation offshore Virginia?

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