Vole Au Vent

the offshore wind installation vessel Vole au Vent arrived this morning, and tied up at Irving oil for bunkers. the ship will then move to Woodside this afternoon to load the base pieces for installation.

The pieces arrived several weeks ago aboard the Bigroll Beaufort. the installation is taking place off the Coast of Virginia, and is staging out of Halifax to work around US cabotage laws. Vole au Vent will make several trips, to install the Bases, Towers and turbines.

UPDATE May 18:
the ship is now jacked up and in position. Im told the Installation will happen in three trips, first the bases, then the Towers, then finally the top assemblies.

UPDATE May 19:
Looks like the first pieces have been loaded.

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6 thoughts on “Vole Au Vent

  1. Marcus Moore

    Hey guys. Marcus Moore here, Turbine Installation manager on the project involving the Vole au Vent. Not sure where you got the comment on regards three trips, but I can definitely confirm we will be installing all of the WTG components in this trip. Before returning to Halifax in a couple of weeks.

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