US Coast Guard cutter to make a port visit tomorrow

USCGC Tahoma is due to arrive at the Dockyard tomorrow. This marks the first port visit for a US Government vessel this year. the PCU St. Louis, the latest LCS bypassed traditional stops in Canada on her way out of the great lakes a few weeks ago, and no other US Navy or Coast Guard vessels have stopped in Halifax so far this year.

USCGC Tahoma is based in New Hampshire, and is likely make a stop for provisions.

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2 thoughts on “US Coast Guard cutter to make a port visit tomorrow

  1. Anthony Seed

    HI Peter, Do you have statistics on visit by US government ships, e.g., US, USCG, as well as NATO naval ships on an annual basis? Or know where and how they can be accessed?

    “The first port visit for a USS Government vessel this year” and on August 2nd seems very unusual, no?


    1. Peter Post author

      every year i do a review post, and list all the visiting ships.
      yes, its late this year, Covid has restricted things.


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