Replacing Preserver and Protectur

The Protectur Class AOR’s were commisioned in 1970. Now over 40 years old, they are Long in need of replacement, and in 2006 the first RFP went out.

 Act 1. “Aircraft Carriers”

Panned by the oposition and the media as Aircraft Carriers, the Joint support ship as originalay envisioned would serve not just the Replenishment Role, But would also feature a Hospital, Command and Control Capabilities, Helecopter Faclities, and a Landing Dock able to deploy vehicles.

Around the same time, the Dutch undertook a simalar program, and developed a simalar set of requirements. They Came up with the Karel Doorman class support ship. Canada Balked at the Cost, The Dutch Went ahead. The first Dutch vessel will be Delivered in 2014.

 Act 2. “what do our friends use?”

With the JSS Now too expensive, The government went looking for Other options. They First found the Berlin Class, in use by the German Navy. They are mostly a traditional AOR, but have a hospital, can carry cargo, and have a flight deck. Option 2 was the Cantabria Class, in Use with the Spanish Navy. it is simalar in features to the Berlin Class, though slightly smaller. Negotiations to secure one of these designs for Canadian use failed, and with that, on to act 3.

Act 3. “Finally!?” 
New Design Contracts were awarded to BMT Fleet Technology of Kanata, ON and TysenKrupp (TKMS). BMT will be designing a new vessel, which will likely be a a variation of their AEGIR-18 Design, while TKMS will offer a Modified version of the Berlin Class. The Winner of this Competition will be Built by the Vacouver shipyard under the National Ship Procurment Strategy.

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