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More Export Locomotives

2 Export Locomotives arrived on Flatcars to the Rockingham Yard yesterday. The units are painted for Vale and appear to be destined for a mine in Brazil. As they lack trucks, The Units are likley bound for a Narrow Gague Route.

Expect a Jumbo Shipping Vessel in the Comming weeks. Stellanova is Due on the 24th.

Tall Ships Preview

The Tall ships are coming July 19 – 23. While the details of the Nova Scotia stops are thin, The American stops feature a significant Non-sail naval presence to commemorate the war of 1812 along with the Tall ships themselves. Though not confirmed for Halifax, these are some likely Sail Attendees.

BAE Guayas (BE-21) – Ecuadoran Navy
KRI Dewaruci – Indonesian Navy
ARC Gloria – Colombian Navy.
NE Cisne Branco (u20) – Brazilian navy
SPS Juan Sebastian De Elcano (A01) – Spanish Navy
USCGC Eagle – US Coast Guard

I would also expect a significant NATO Presence around this time, due to their stops in the US – Including HMS Talent, RFA Argus, FGS Hessen, HDMS Absalon, and KNM Thor Heyerdahl.

Photo Above is the Picton Castle form Tall Ships 2009

Onego Merchant

Onego Merchant has been tied up at pier 27 for the past few days. this pier typically handles break bulk cargo where the Onego merchant is currently tied up, however the fact that the cranes are swung out of the way indicates she may move up to the Grain Elevator spouts.

Dead Ship Move

Atlantic Superior moving dead ship with tugs from Pier 9 to Pier 25. She needed to move to make room for the BBC Plata. Dead ship refers to the fact that the ship is not powered, and appears to be running a generator aft of the bridge. She recently came out of dry dock at Halifax Shipyards.

Update: she left pier 25 on her own power the next day.

The Germans Are Coming

Seawaves is reporting that German frigates FGS Emden (F210)and FGS Hessen (F221) With Supply Ship FGS Frankfurt am Main (A1412) will be visiting Halifax in May. FGS Frankfurt am Main (Photo Above) was previously here in May 2009.

Dates to Follow when Known

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