Tall Ships Preview

The Tall ships are coming July 19 – 23. While the details of the Nova Scotia stops are thin, The American stops feature a significant Non-sail naval presence to commemorate the war of 1812 along with the Tall ships themselves. Though not confirmed for Halifax, these are some likely Sail Attendees.

BAE Guayas (BE-21) – Ecuadoran Navy
KRI Dewaruci – Indonesian Navy
ARC Gloria – Colombian Navy.
NE Cisne Branco (u20) – Brazilian navy
SPS Juan Sebastian De Elcano (A01) – Spanish Navy
USCGC Eagle – US Coast Guard

I would also expect a significant NATO Presence around this time, due to their stops in the US – Including HMS Talent, RFA Argus, FGS Hessen, HDMS Absalon, and KNM Thor Heyerdahl.

Photo Above is the Picton Castle form Tall Ships 2009

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