Air Show Atlantic

After a 2 year hiatus, Air show Atlantic returned this past weekend to Debert CQQ3.
A full Photo gallery is posted to my Flickr page, containing 1400 images.

Missing from the show were the Snowbirds, who are operationally paused, and an Ukrainian L-29 Delfin was also unable to attend due to IMC conditions on its flight down.

The SkyHawks, the Forces Parachute demo team put on a show, leaping from a Short Skyvan (below), AKA the flying shoebox. CQQ3’s runways are 5000′ long, to short to safely operate a larger aircraft.

The North American Harvard MkII, was built as a trainer for air crews during the Second world war. The Yak-55m was a Soviet design built to dominate the World Acrobatic Championships. The yak-55 first flew in 1981, the M variant with shorter wings entered production in 1991.

Flying in formation, a Pitts Model 12, and a Nanchang CJ-6A

The RCAF provided a 3 pass flyby of the Aurora, and the CF-18 demo team performed.

The Static Display included a RCAF CH-148 Cyclone, CCGS Bell 412, NS DNR Airbus AS350, Forest Protection Ltd. Air Tractor and Gonzo – the DHC-8 with a long nose used by the RCAF for navigation training.

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