Caribou and Smallwood on the Beach in Alang

The Former Newfoundland Ferries Caribou and Joseph and Clara Smallwood (renamed Caribo and Smallwood, when transferred to a foreign flag) Have arrived at their fate – the beach In Alang, India to be broken up. Both Ships Stopped in Halifax for bunkers on August 31, before heading for the Mediterranean (Smallwood gave Port Said Egypt as the Destination, and Caribo Gibraltar).

The Image was emailed to me last night by a Source.

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2 thoughts on “Caribou and Smallwood on the Beach in Alang

  1. Peter Ziobrowski

    I Belive they were sold to the Higest Bider on the open Market. If someone wanted to refurbish them, then then they could have gone there, if they were the highest bidder.


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