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New Tugs for Dominion Diving

Dominion Diving has added a pair of new Damen Stan Tug 1205s to its fleet. The two tugs arrived on the barge Jacob Joseph C towed by the tug Amy Lynn D. The new tugs are named Dominion Rumbler and Dominion Enforcer. They are likely at Pier 25 to clear customs, and will then move to the Cherubini Dock to be offloaded by crane tonight.

The third tug, Saint Georges is bound for Montreal. Curiously, the new Dominion tugs are marked Pilot, Suggesting they may have picked up a pilotage contract somewhere.

Pilot Boats

The Nova Pilot and Scotia Pilot had seemingly returned to halifax, but have yet to return the service. The Captain E.T. Rogers (Ex Halifax Boat Chubucto Pilot) is still covering most of the Arrivals and Departures.

the Nova Pilot and Scotia Pilot are both Jet powered boats, that were imported form Europe. Both suffered engine issues and loss of power, which led to them being sidelined and sent for repairs.

New Pilot Boats

Halifax has 2 new pilot boats, Nova Pilot and Scotia Pilot. Both came from Holland via Emskip containership at the end of June.  After some training and familiarization both are now in service.

The existing boats have been reassigned. The below photos are of the delivery, and were provided by a friend of the site.

Bonus: Video of a pilot leaving an outbound PCTC

On Weather Watch

Strong winds and rains have shutdown pilotage operations outside the harbour.

Zim Texas appears to have anchored in the outer anchorage, and tankers Heather Knudsen and Serifos are circling. (Serifos had been at anchor after offloading at Tufts Cove over the weekend) Fusion is also out there.

Balmoral to skip shelburne

Yesterday’s cruise ship arrival Balmoral is skipping it’s scheduled stop in shelburne due to the lack of a harbour pilot.

Shelburne is a non-compulsory area for pilots, and there is one, however he is reportedly currently on leave.
The captain of the Balmoral being unfamiliar with the waters and lacking current electronic charts, decided to bypass the port.
Though disapointon for town businesses, in light of the disasters caused by errors In confined water maneuvering (Costa Concordia and Queen of the North) it was a prudent decision.

Shipspotting somewhere warmer than Halifax

(Above) TowBoat US Tug. Towboat US, and ther competition SeaTow are the towtrucks for pleasure craft owners. Its a membership service, and should you suffer a breakdown, you call, and they will tow you to safety.

(Below) Pilot boat Tampa of Egmont Key


(Above) RCCL Brilliance of the Seas, outbound at the pilot station.

Last years photos can be seen Here and Here

Atlantic Pilot pays a visit.

The Atlantic Pilotage Authorities vessel “Atlantic Pilot” is currently tied up at the APA Wharf in Halifax. A simalar design to Chubucto Pilot, Atlantic Pilot was built by A.F. Theriault & Sons Ltd, in Meteghan River, NS. She was christened in Halifax on November 15th, 2007, and is normally staioned with her sister vessel “Avalon Pilot” in Placentia Bay, NL

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