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MV Miner – More pollutants then expected

the CBC is reporting the scrapping of the MV Miner is running late and over budget due to higher quantities of pollutants being found. it was estimated there were 5 tons of Asbestos aboard, however crews have removed more the 30tons of the material.

also discovered was 18000 liters of fuel in a tank. After the Vessel grounded, a salvage company was retained to remove all fuel’s and oils. this discovery leads to the possibility of a tank that was added for the trip as a means to re-fuel the tug on route.

if this is the case, perhaps the towing company can be sued to recover cleanup costs.

MV Miner Removal Rumours.

Word is the the camp for workers on Scaterie island hasn’t been finished yet, which means workers have to travel from the mainland everyday. There have been reports that the wreck has gained more of a list to Sea meaning crews have had to brace it to prevent it from falling into deeper water.

The last photo I have seen was from august (above), and shows no bracing, though the backside of the hull has been torn out.

The plan as announced, was to cut steel and remove it by crane and barge to to Louisburg. Word is people on site are saying the Job will be finished by June 2015, which is past the November 2014 date given by the government.

M/V Miner Removal Contract Awarded.

The Nova Scotia Government today announced that RJ MacIsaac Construction, an Antigonish-based company, was awarded the contract to remove the ship by November. The work is estimated to cost $11.9 million.

RJ MacIsaac Construction was one of seven companies that responded to the Request for Proposals (RFP) in March. The bidding process closed April 29.

The proposals were reviewed by a panel of experts to help ensure a fair and transparent process. The panel included representation from the provincial and federal governments, including health and safety officers, officials from the Department of Environment, the provincial procurement office, and Transport Canada.

A point system was used to evaluate the bids considering many factors, including price, method of removal, occupational health and safety considerations, environmental consideration, and worker accommodation. Prospective bidders were made aware of the process, the criteria, and the point system during a mandatory meeting held in advance of the RFP launch.

RJ MacIsaac has until November to remove the wreck. They will work with the province to develop a project schedule. The community will be kept up to date on the project’s timeline.

RFP For MV Miner Removal

The province of Nova Scotia is requesting proposals to remove the wreck of the MV Miner. The request for proposals (RFP) was posted today, March 12, on the provincial procurement site.

The RFP will be posted for six weeks with a deadline of April 23 at 2:15 pm.

Interested applicants can submit proposals by following instructions outlined in the RFP. Once the deadline is passed, applications will be reviewed and an award will be made within four weeks.

The RFP can be found at .

The RFP itself is 312 pages – mostly of environmental disclosures, and a summary of woork undertaken to date. It also includes severl photgraphs of the vessel, including the ones seen here.

Barge Aground on Scatarie Island

CBC News is reporting that the barge that the Bennington Group planned to use to scrap the MV Miner has broken free of the ship and is aground on Scatarie Island. Since Bennington  reportedly gave up and left months ago, one wonders why they left thier barge behind, when they knew winter storms were coming.

this barge is likely insured, so bennington groups insurance company will be resposnsible for its salvage.

M/V Miner Update

The Cape Breton Post is reporting that the Bennington group is wanting to come back to perform the removal. The Bennington Group was contracted by the ship’s owner Arivina Navigation SA of Turkey to remove it by the end of August.

The Project was faced with delays from the province relating to worker safety, including a stop work order. The Bennington group wants the province to pay the costs of complying with the order, and for expenses which occured due to lost time.

The Province Has a flyer available on the removal process, (Available Here) In It it states that the Bennington group has “has worked on many wreck removal projects of this type, including the dismantling of an American aircraft carrier in 1994.” This hardly sounds like salvage to me.

A quick Google Turned up no Web site for the Bennington group, nor References to any other vessels salvaged by the group.

Gov of NS Photo

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