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Fairwell WEC Majorelle

The ex AFL New England  – now WEC Majorelle sailed today for Casablanca after perforoming a compass swing at anchorage 1.

She was sold at auction to cover unpaid bills of her former operator American Feeder Lines. She has a contractual deadline to be out of port by Tomorow as a condition of Sale.

AFL New England Likely to Be SOLD

The Chronicle Herald reported today that the Crew of the AFL New England will be departing the vessel to head home by today. The Vessel itself is Under arrest, and will be cared for by the Port Authority until it is sold at court ordered auction to pay creditors, which include the Halifax Port Authority, the Portland Maine Port Authority, The ships agent, and others.

 The AFL New England has been stranded in Halifax, Under arrest for unpaid bills after American Feeder Lines lost their German Backers and shut down. The Vessel was moved to Pier 34 after it ran low on fuel while anchored for a month in the basin.

Comment From Halifax Port Authority On AFL

I Asked Several questions of the Port, Specifically if they were owed Money by AFL, or are aware if they are Anyone else was owed money by AFL. A Port Spokesperson provided this responce.

“When a Port customer faces financial difficulties, as is happening with AFL, we will deal directly with the company on any outstanding fees as we may be able to resolve the issue directly with them. As this relates to the finances of a private company and can be a legal matter, we will not be speculating at this early point as to what, if any, loss the HPA may incur as a result of AFL ending their service.”

They also declined to comment if other port service providers were owed money by AFL. Inquireies to AFL itself an their agent went unanwsered. UPDATE: It Appears AFL New England was being re-supplied with provisions and fresh water as of noon today.

American Feeder Lines Ends Service

The AFL New England is Currently Anchored in the Bedford Basin, and has been for the past two weeks. American Feeder Lines has pulled the service citing low traffic, and loss of backing by German Investors (Who are un named, but probably related to Hapag Lloyd)

The File Photo above shows her departing with a visible container load, which was an frequent occurrence. There is no word yet on what becomes of the vessel, which is chartered, and Flagged in the UK.

AFL’s Service began in June of last year

UPDATE: Halifax Shipping news has made some Inquieries as to the Legal/financial status of American Feeder Lines to AFL, the Port Authority, and AFL New England’s Agent. Stay Tuned.

Crowded Basin

Was Busy in the Basin this evening with the inbounds arriving prior to the outbounds heading out.

Anchored AFL New England (Center), Outbound Atlantic Companion, Inbound Itally Express (right)

Tied Up (And Leaving) London Express (right), Tieing Up Atlantic Compass(left)


AlgoScotia Anchored in the Inner Anchorage,her sister, Algonova is anchored in the basin

Fusion Anchored As well

Canada Express, inbound for Fairview Cove

SeaConger for bunkers in the basin.

AFL New England transited for her weekly stop at Fairview Cove.

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