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Last Nights Departures


ZIM Monaco (Above) sailed from Pier 41 for New York, Shortly after ZIM New York (Below) sailed from Pier 42 for Kingston, Jamaica. Wednesdays typically see both ZIM Stops


Shortly after ZIM New York’s departure, Bahri Hofuf rounded Georges island Outbound from Fairview Cove for Livorno, Italy.


Also Departing last night were NYK Nebula (Fairview Cove for New York), CSL Tacoma (From National Gypsum), and Grandeur of the Seas (Pier 22 for Baltimore)

New Caller At Fairview

Word is the Bahri, the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia Has switched terminals and will now be calling at Fairview Cove. Yesterdays Stop of Bahri Janzan was the first.

I Suspected that as ships get larger, the smaller vessels would call at Fairview Cove, to leave space at Halterm on Piers 41/42 but Bahri Typically calls at pier 30

The Shot below provided by a Longshoreman.

Bahri Tabuk’s second visit

Yesterday brought the second visit for Bahri Tabuk.  Part of the Saudi National shipping company, she is a new build and replaces the Saudi Tabuk. Bahri is in the process of replacing its 4 older CON-RO vessels, to date Bahri  Abha, Tabuk, and Hofuf have visited. Each vessel maintains the name of its former hull, though with a change of the Saudi prefix to Bahri.

Bahri Stops in Halifax once A Month.

Saudi Tabuk

The Saudi National Shipping lines vessel Saudi Tabuk. She is due for the scrappers and will be replaced by Bahri Tabuk. NSCSA is in the process of building new vessels, and is scrapping the current class as they come online.

Bahri Abha, which replaced Saudi Abha was here last month.

First Visit for the BAHRI ABHA

Today brings the first Visit for the BAHRI ABHA. The BAHRI ABHA is the replacement for the NSCAA’s Saudi Abha, which was sent for scrap earlier this year. A CON-RO ship, she is simalar to ACL’s vessels, though she carries cranes to do her own cargo handleing at unimproved ports.

The National Shipping company of Saudi Arabia makes a monthly call on Halifax. All 4 oh their vessels (that call here) are scheduled for replacement.

Saudi Abha

 The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia made its monthy stop in Halifax with the Saudi Abha. A Container and RORO vessel, she is simalar to vessels Used by ACL. NSCSA ships make a monthy stop in Halifax.

UPDATE 13/12 sources say this vessel is bound for the scrapers shortly and this was to be her last trip to Halifax.

Todays arrival was Wet and Foggy. The Chebucto Pilot Precceded her arrival.


The SAUDI DIRIYAH arrived and Tied up at Pier 27 just after noon. She will sail late this afternoon. Vessels from the National Shipping line of Saudi Arabia make monthly (or as required) calls to Halifax. They simalar to ACL in they carry both Container and Ro-Ro Traffic

UPDATE: She Departed at 2200 for Port Said Egypt

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