Leeway Striker now in Halifax.

the Leeway Striker appeared at COVE over the weekend. A new Acquisition By Leeway Marine, the fast patrol boat was built by RIVERHAWK FAST SEA FRAMES of Tampa Florida. Her jet drives can power her to a top speed of 55knots, or 107km/h. Shes 72′ (22m) in length. these boats are marketed as high speed patrol craft to navies around the world, and this one specifically was built as part of a bid on a US Defense contract. The Leeway Striker was registered earlier in August, and imported in Yarmouth.

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4 thoughts on “Leeway Striker now in Halifax.

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  3. Alphonsus Forgeron

    I saw your boat today in Halifax N.S., Canada, and was most interested since I could see it would be fast and jet driven.
    I also design and test fast boats and much more. I am an electrical enginer with a family of boat building experience for the Commercial fishing use.
    I would be surprised if you answered this note, since you may believe there is nothing I could offer as improvements?
    So here are my thoughts:
    first, no safety rails on deck, is not recommended since your use wuill be in rough weather and storms.
    Secondly: Your hull is narrow so you can’t carry enough fuel and ammo for serious use.
    Thirdly, you did not do any sharp turns, which are hard to do in narrow boats.
    Fourthly, your video did not show anything in rough seas, which are +50% of time your service.
    Fifthly, Your hull planed with +12′ of hull at the bow showing, a very poor example of poor design.
    Sixthly, you didn’t mention the motor/jet sies, suggesting they are large and fuel guzzler’s.
    Seventhly: Imagine selling a “super energy saving and environment saving higher speed hull?#@
    Eightly, your hull is uncomfortable and cramped and rough in the rough stuff.
    So, I would like to offer you a wild suggestion to cure all of the above limitations:
    I would like to work with your architects to produce a model eliminating all of the above deficiencies and more. I am old now, so I would be very reasonably priced and you would offer some minor fee for all uses of “OUR” updated design. I only need costs covered and work with your designers for a month or so. You will love my proven design.
    I do have a 36; hull tested for 7 years in north Atlantic fish banks.
    The 14,000 lb hull had a 270 HP Olds engine at 4600 revs. It cruised at 20 K and full speed at 30K.
    My model was tested at +60K without “exponential power increase. You know that is superb. I would like someone to take over the design which provides all of the above features your design lacks.
    Hey, you would like to see my super hull which does not “come up on step as your hull does, but smoothly rises (Not Tilts) as power is applied. Imagine providing a hull which overcomes all of your deficiencies, and it would be your hull. I suspect you would not be interested, since you do not believe me. It is so simple for you to find out at negligible costs. I would be surprised if you wanted to know. The workmanship on your hull shows a capable builder. You only need to respond with interest.
    I work with your existing designer to update and try a model which you can test on your computer, including sheet development . Your chines are not very effective you can see from the head-on video.


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