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Drug Smuggling Container ship.

The June 9/10 weekend brought an extended stop for the Container Ship Aracia on the Maersk/CMA-CGM service. Word is the ship was detained by Border Services. Earlier in the week unmarked divers were spotted in the water off Halterm, and on arrival, the Aracia was boarded and searched, including and underwater hull survey by dominion diving. It was also noted while this was going on the RCMP dive team was working in the Harbour. The speculation is that the ship was being used to smuggle drugs on the underside of the hull from Canada to Europe.

UPDATE: 3 Men from BC and Ontario were arrested with diving Gear in the case of the Arica. CBSA Reports that 150kg of cocaine were found in the ships sea chest. A sea chest is an indent in the hull where intakes for sea water are located.


Update on Farley Mowat.

Pollution Control Activities continue.
The coast guard is reporting that 1000lbs of absorbent material has been removed from within the oil boom, and divers have removed 2000 liters of pollutants from inside the hull. 5 drums on deck have also been recovered.

no word on when and if the boat will be raised, or who will fit the bill.

When the vessel was arrested, Paul Watson, Captain and founder of Sea Shepard Conservation Society quipped that he was sticking it to the Canadian Government, making it responsible for a boat they were looking to get rid of.

Nice Guy, off fighting sealers, and Japanese whalers off in the Southern ocean, but not willing to take responsibility for safely disposing of one of their own vessels, resulting in thousands of liters of oily products spilling in his homeland.

Farley Mowat

The Farley Mowat is a vessel that belonged to the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. She was arrested for interfering with the seal hunt. after Sea Shepard failed to pay fines and bills accrued by the vessel, the court ordered her sold. She was sold, Spent a brief period tied up at woodside, and was then moved to Lunenberg where she has been ever since.

Her current plans are unknown.

AFL New England Likely to Be SOLD

The Chronicle Herald reported today that the Crew of the AFL New England will be departing the vessel to head home by today. The Vessel itself is Under arrest, and will be cared for by the Port Authority until it is sold at court ordered auction to pay creditors, which include the Halifax Port Authority, the Portland Maine Port Authority, The ships agent, and others.

 The AFL New England has been stranded in Halifax, Under arrest for unpaid bills after American Feeder Lines lost their German Backers and shut down. The Vessel was moved to Pier 34 after it ran low on fuel while anchored for a month in the basin.

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