Hans and other Weekly News #33


UK tech site the register sent a reporter on a cruise on the royal navy survey ship Enterprise.

2. Your 240 Short.
The Container ship MSC Zoe lost 240 containers over the side in heavy weather.

Montreal longshoreman voted 99.5% in favour of striking. the vote is merely symbolic, as they are under mediation until the end of February, and the vote is only valid for 60 days. Another vote would need to be held.

In other Montreal news – the port is limited by geography.


5. its Ours!
Hans Island Dispute to be sorted out by Task Force.

the brits plan to launch an expedition to Antarctica to find Shackleton’s ship endurance.



Jan 9, 1978 – A severe storm strikes the east coast, causing a great deal of destruction and coastal flooding from Virginia to Nova Scotia.
Jan 8, 1943 – The first tanker convoy from Trinidad to North America was attacked by a U-boat Wolf Pack. seven of the nine tankers were sunk.

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