Weekly News #39

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the bulker St Clair, Laid up in Toledo Ohio Caught fire, and burned for 2 days. An Algoma Bulker laid up in Port Colburne Ontario, the Algoma Guardian, also in winter layup suffered a smoke condition due to an overheated Transformer.


This week I make the case for Halifax Fire to get a new Fireboat, and for the Feds to pay for it. Shipfax has a good overview of the history of the craft in Halifax.

3.ECTug Sold
the Foundation Maritime property has been sold to develop Nova Scotia – formerly waterfront Development. Hopefully they wont ruin one of the last vestiges of the industrial waterfront. The Waterfront Warehouse, Salvage shed, and dispatch building were all part of the Foundation maritime company.

4.Feds looking for interm icebreaker
The Coast Guard is looking to procure a Light Icebreaker for use in the Great Lakes and St Lawrence river. The Vessel would also tend to navaids, and SAR Duties. The CCGS Earl Grey, based in Halifax is one variation of light icebreaker currently in use.  The government is looking to procure an existing vessel, and modify it to suit, with the actual contract award for the winter 20/21 time frame. 
They could just re-assign the Earl Grey to the lakes, and pick up another medium or the Heavy that Davie Proposed. The Samuel Risley is the twin of earl Grey, and is assigned to the lakes now.


  1. Ice Class vs Ice Breaker Marine Insight offers a good article on Ice class ships, vs icebreakers


Feb 21 1796: Halifax harbour freezes over.
Feb 20 1797: Nelson is promoted to Rear Admiral of the Blue
Feb 18 1846: US Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft officially changed term “larboard” to “port” to avoid confusion
Feb 18 1815: The United States ratifies the Treaty of Ghent, thus ending the War of 1812

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