Weekly News #36

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1.Fighting Words
Davie issued a release calling Bullshit on the governments claim that assessment was done, and their is no need for a second interim vessel, and several committees actually say the contrary. Davie also released the video below, which makes some problematic statements.

2.Shots Fired
Davie fires shots on the Hudson Procurement – this week in the Herald. This week I talk about the letter Procurement received from Davie declining to bid on refit work, and how TC Ship Safety is silent. You can read the original RFP at BuyandSell.gc.ca

3. Crane Collapse in Vancouver
A gantry crane was struck by the container ship Ever Summit, knocking it off the rails, and causing the boom to collapse onto the ship. The Ship was docking at the terminal when the incident happened. Video has been released.

Different view of the crane collapsing. from r/vancouver

4.River Ice
the St Lawrence ground to a halt due to ice. 3 breakers were required to clear it.




Jan 30 1917 – Germany announces that it will carry out unrestricted naval warfare during WWI

Jan 30 1911 – King George V gives consent for adding “Royal” to the fledgling Canadian Navy – becoming “Royal Canadian Navy, abbreviated as RCN.

Jan 29 1774 – James Cook on HMS Resolution sailed to latitude 71°10’South where solid sea ice forced it back – only 200km from the Antarctic coast

Jan 29 1790 – The first boat specializing as a lifeboat was launched

Jan 29 1820 – Russian explorer Bellingshausen sailed his ship Vostok up to the cliffs of the Fimbul ice shelf at latitude 69°21′South, discovering Antartica

Jan 28 1596 – Sir Francis Drake died from yellow fever in W. Indies. He claimed California for England and circumnavigated the world

Jan 26 1962 – the Canadian Coast Guard is formed.

Jan 26 1808 – NSW Governor, Admiral William Bligh was arrested by the NSW Corps following his efforts to reign them in and shut down the rum trade.

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