Weeklyish News #40

this feature seems to come and go. its see if we can maintain a long run of this.


1.Women Running Ships.
Charlene Munden is Captain of the Laker Tim S. Dool. The F/V Nellie Row out of Lunenburg sails with an all female crew.

2. Labour
Quebec/PEI Ferry operator sued by Seafarers union over temporary foreign workers.

3. CG needs ships
lack of vessels is a problem for the CG. a Fall survey was canceled after the ship used in the spring was unsuitable, Plus there are no functioning buoy tenders on the East coast due to refits and work periods.

4.Ghost ship
the Lubov Orlova appears again in this CBC Long Read.


Nov 18 1942: HMCS GODERICH is damaged in collision with the tanker Iocoma, in Halifax harbour, requiring three weeks of repairs.

Nov 16 1857: PO William Hall earns Victoria Cross while serving in HMS SHANNON at Relief of Lucknow, India. He is 1st Candian, Black and Nova Scotian Sailor to be awarded the VC.

Nov 15 1991: HMCS ALGONQUIN, while undergoing post-TRUMP tilting/incline trials at Halifax, takes on water and lists to 25 degrees on her port side.

Nov 15 1987: The freighter Hosanna I registered in Honduras sinks without a trace off Cape Race Newfoundland. All the crew of 33 are lost.

Nov 13 1942: USS Juneau was sunk in the Pacific. All five brothers of the Sullivan family, Waterloo, Iowa were killed.

Nov 12 1912: The frozen bodies of Robert Scott and his men are found on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

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