Venture Sea Sold

The Venture Sea, one of Secunda’s offshore vessels has been sold. the ships Canadian registry closed Dec 22, and it is now named Jarvis, and Registered in Vanuatu. The New owner is Virgo Ships limited, and it is Managed by Hermes Maritime services, both are Indian firms. Venture Sea was built in 1998 by Halter marine.

Jarvis is due back in Halifax Jan 8th after spending November and December at Shelburne Ship repair. This would suggest that the ship will be put to work, and not beached for recycling. Jarvis will fuel at the irving dock, and move to Pier 27 later in the day.

Venture Sea was on contract with Exxon Mobile to work the Sable offshore project. That development ceased production and the wells capped in 2019, putting the ship out of work. Outside offshore work, in 2014 the Venture Sea towed the disabled Australian Spirit into Halifax for repairs. This past September, Venture Sea completed an emergency tow in the Davis Straight. after delivering the disabled Bulk carrier to Nuuk Greenland, Venture Sea headed for Shelburne Ship repair.

Previous Secunda Vessels Pankue Sea (Now Kydy Sea) and Ryan Leat are now working in the Caribbean. Burin Sea and Trinity sea were recycled in turkey in January 2020.

UPDATE Jan 18: Jarvis is now reporting Gibraltar as her destination, with an eta of the 31st. She may be bound for Turkish or Indian beaches after all.

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