BBC Topaz for pipe, and a Boat.

BBC Topaz arrived March 19 to load pipe. The pipe was reportly for the Keystone XL pipeline, which having been canceled, is surplus, and has been sold to a buyer in the Netherlands.

Once the pipe cargo was on board, BBC Topaz then loaded the C- Horizon. C-Horizon arrived in Nova Scotia as the tidal pioneer, to be used by sustainable marine energy. with their departure, the vessel has been sold, renamed, and is now headed back to Europe.

Maria S Merian at Cove

The German Research Vessel RV Maria S. Merian is named after the naturalist and illustrator Maria Sybilla Merian.

The Merian was financed by the German government and is assigned to the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research at Warnemünde, with Rostock as its home port. It is crewed by a complement of 21, and can additionally accommodate 22 scientists.

The ship entered service in 2006.

Recent Changes at the Atlantic Hub

The arrival of two new SPPX cranes at PSA Halifax is Noteable chnage to the skyline at the South end terminal. Closer to ground level, PSA Halifax and the Port Authority have been busy reworking the terminal recent notable changes include:

  • The shed at Pier 36 has been demolished.
  • The shed and office building from Halterm are also gone
  • the ZIM office has been removed (and ZIM now calls at Fairview Cove)
  • A new maintenance shed is under construction
  • Infilling of of the basin between Pier B and Pier A1 continues

Containers Spilled in Arctic Waters

The Nuavik Eastern Arctic Shipping vessel Sivumut dumped 20 Containers and other cargo into Frobisher bay off Iqaluit Friday afternoon. The ship had transferred cargo to a barge when something occurred resulting in the Cargo ending up in the water. The New port facility in Iqualuit, which opened in July includes a ramp to receive cargo lightered by barge.

Warning s from police that containers and there contents are not free for the taking seem to have been prompted by clam diggers discovering a container of beer on the beach and helping them selves.

Other photos seen on Facebook seem to show the Sivumut performing dual container lifts – that is where a stack of two containers as lifted together, connected only by the locks on the corners. This is safe for empties, but a bad idea for loaded containers.

New Cranes Due Nov 5

The Zhen Hua 23 sailed from China on September 13, and is due to arrive with 2 new SPPX Cranes for the PSA Halifax Atlantic Hub on November 5th. Cranes 6 and 7 will be placed at Pier 41, and crane 5, delivered in 2020 will be re-positioned directly south of the new cranes 6 and 7 . Currently Crane 5 is the middle crane, and sits in front of the two delivered in 2013

PSA Atlantic Hub Expansion

I recently came across some images posted to facebook detailing changes and expansion the the PSA halifax Atlantic Hub. The infilling of Pier 36 looks to be progressing nicely, compared with my last update in June

This first image looks to show the Near future state do the Terminal. Infilling is progressing, The Maintenance Garage is under construction, and buildings have been removed to facilitate the rail realignment. (below)the next two images show the terminal after the second pier is infilled and a Third Birth is added. the end state of 4 should not be a surprise, as it was proposed in the Port Authorities planning.

The Next two phases are new, and show an expansion of the third birth over pier 41, and finally expanding over Pier 42 (bottom)

Carnival Legend, redirected

The Cruise Ship Carnival Legend made an unscheduled stop in Halifax today. the ship Was on a 14 day cruise to Greenland, departing Baltimore, Maryland September Second, then sailing for Nanortalik (Due 08 Sep) and Qaqortoq, (09 Sep) before heading to St Anthony, Newfoundland (11 Sep); Corner Brook, (12 Sep); Sydney, Nova Scotia (13 Sep) before returning to; Baltimore,on the 16th

The cruise cancelled the 2 stops in Greenland, Sailing to Corner Brook on the 8th, Sydney on the 9th, St Anthony on the 11th, Halifax on the 13th, then back to Baltimore. Its unclear why the ship cancelled the Greenland stops, as the cruise is still going the full length. there is some heavy weather in the west coast of Greenland, that might be a factor.

Carnival Legend is Scheduled to be back in Halifax on the 19th, part of a new england /east coast trip out of Baltimore. Ship photo was taken in Tampa Florida a few years ago.

Ocean Explorer aground in Greenland

The Expedition Cruise ship Ocean Explorer grounded Monday in Alpefjord, within the boundaries of the North East Greenland National Park. the ship tried to free itself twice with out luck, and a third attempt with the Fisheries research vessel Tarajoq pulling also failed Wednesday.

The HDMS Kund Rasmussen, a Danish Offshore Patrol vessel is due late Friday. the Sirius Sled Dog Patrol, a unit of the Danish Navy, is on scene with 2 small boats, and is providing updates and imagery.

From the latest photos below, she looks to be well up on a ledge, that seems to drop off just below the lifeboats.

Updates to Follow.

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