Atlantic Star at Fairview Cove.

Atlantic Star Spent the day at Fairview Cove, on ACL’s eastbound call. the ships next stop is Hamburg, having last called in Baltimore. ACL’s ship were notably built under the British Flag, but since Brexit, they have been moved to Malta.

Since the PSA Takeover, the stacks of containers at Fairview cove are noticeably higher, and an additional stack has been placed along Africville road, blocking the outer most set of rail access. This location has been used for containers before, but only under exceptional circumstances – such as the port of Montreal strike, or when the Yantain express discharged all of her boxes post fire.


So news broke today of a proposed 300million dollar Titanic Experience. The proposal is by Halifax business consultants Clarke Squires & Associates. Saltwire reported on it, based on the Linkedin Post Below.

Both the Saltwire article and the linkedin post were edited after they were posted. The original Saltwire article this morning indicated that the Titanic Experience would be located at the Port of Halifax, and included details about an aquarium, and that it would feature escape hatches. I assume both have been toned down since they were initially posted.

My Initial Reaction was oh god, that’s horrible. The building looks tacky, like an lightweight industrial building with ship bits attached – think a smaller version of the Assembly hall at Halifax Shipyards. because its not clear its the Titanic, the name needs to be plastered on the Awning over the front door.

Even the concept is ugh. 150 cabins. and escape hatches? Look the titanic was luxurious by ocean transport standards of the day, but compared to a modern cruise ship its tiny – smaller then the modern day Holland America lines callers to Halifax. I get the appeal of a reproduction of the Titanic’s banquet hall, but then just do that and run a banquet facility.

I reached out to the Port Authority – they know nothing about this proposal, and are not providing land. Comments in the Linked in post say location is under NDA, but in an email, Clark Squires indicated “it will be hopefully close to water at or close to Halifax Harbor” that says to me next to a lake in a business park,which is backed up by the architecture. The linkedin post suggests this is part of a larger development, likely ruling out a central location.

Halifax has many Titanic stories. they are currently well told, in a respectful and dignified manner. Halifax is the final resting place for victims of the disaster who were recovered. You can visit there graves at Fairview lawn cemetery. the Cable ships that were sent out to recover them tied up at the Cable Wharf. what is now the 5 fisherman, was the J.A Snow Mortuary, where the bodies were taken. Barnstead lane is named for the corner who pioneered techniques for forensic identification of victims of mass casualty incidents, as he worked to identify the recovered bodies. The Titanic Disaster established the International Ice Patrol. It led to what is now the SOLAS Convention. It directly made shipping safer.

Lots of folks try to make money off the Titanic. A Chinese company is building a sailing replica of the ship you will be able to book a cruise on. RMS Titanic Inc is a thing, and has recovered artifacts from the ship and operates an experience in Orlando Florida of all places.

This proposal just throws kitsch at it, and is all over the place – Hotel, distillery holographic theatre, banquet hall. The aquarium, is kinda garish if you stop and think about it. The proposal looks like an attempt to throw a bunch of cool sounding stuff at a wall and see what sticks. its perhaps surprising that the bow isn’t rigged up for the movie shot. they could probably sell alot of $20 photos.

The proposal is all over the place, and its hard to take seriously. Clark Squires bio on the website is full of buzzwords, and is not particularly readable or understandable also, if your going to pitch a 300million development project, how about not having a gmail address as your primary email contact. How can anyone trust you with details on a 300million dollar project, when you cant even properly brand your email, or pay someone to do it for you.

If we want to celebrate our maritime history, and we should, then this is not the project. This is tourist tackiness that belongs at Niagara Falls, or in Orlando. Battle of the Atlantic place would actually be a benefit to the city, and is 100million less to build.

Oasis of the Seas is Big

Today brought the arrival of the Oasis of the Seas. Currently the 4th largest Cruise ship in the world, she is the largest cruise ship to call in Halifax. In terms of largest ships in service by GRT, she ranks 49th, though when class mates of the same GRT are combined, she is 13th

Oasis of the Seas comes in at 226,838GRT. CMA CGM Marco Polo is the largest container ship to call on eastern North America. It comes in at only 175,343GRT. Gross registered tons is a measure of Internal Volume, so even a large car carrier comes in around 75,000GRT.

CMA CGM Marco Polo

Oasis of the Seas is 360 m (1,181 ft) long overall, and has a beam of 60.5 m (198 ft). CMA CGM Marco Polo is 396.0 m (1,299 ft) long, with a beam of 53.6 m (175 ft 10 in). The Marco Polo’s max draft is 52′ vs OotS draft of 30′.

The Queen Mary 2, is 345m long, and comes in at 148,527GRT

Oasis of the Seas did not look to be connected to shore power, based on the steady stream of exhaust coming from one of its stacks. The Ship has massive Power requirements.

The ship’s power comes from six medium-speed, marine-diesel generating sets: three 16-cylinder Wärtsilä engines producing 18,860 kilowatts each and three similar 12-cylinder Wärtsilä engines producing 13,860 kilowatts each. The fuel consumption of the 6 engines at full power is 7,230 us gal/hour. The total output of the engines, 97,020 kilowatts, is converted to electricity, used in hotel power for operation of the lights, elevators, electronics, galleys, water treatment plant, and the other systems onboard, as well as propulsion.

Propulsion is provided by three 20,000-kilowatt (26,800 hp) Azipods Docking is assisted by four 5,500-kilowatt bow thrusters.

Atlantic Hub

CMA-CGM Corte Real and Contship Leo spent Saturday at PSA Halifax’s Atlantic Hub Terminal calling on piers 41 and 42 respectively. CMA-CGM Corte Real is named after a portugese explorer. the ship was delivered in 2010, and is rated for 13,800TEU.

Contship Leo is operating on ZIM’s feeder service to Kingston Jamaica. the ship is rated for 1118 TEU, and was delivered in 2008.

Search for Missing Vessel – Located!

the 50′ Sailing vessel Strange Situation (above) was expected in Lunenburg on the 25th but did not arrive. The vessel departed Bermuda May 16th, with 3 persons on board.

Earlier today the Joint Rescue Coordination Center released the following two tweets, indicating that a search was underway for a missing sailboat, but no furether information was provided.

thanks the the US Coast Guard, who became involved in the search, we learned complete details about the vessel.

the CCGS Earl grey is searching off the coast of Nova Scotia, between Shelburne and Lunenburg.

Update: the vessel was located in Clarke’s Harbour yesterday evening, and is safe. they have updated the destination with a new ETA.

Know Your Rules

Transport Canada issued the tweet above as part of safe boating week. Its very wrong.

A PCOC per the Canada Shipping Act regulations, is required to operate any pleasure craft. The link in the tweet indicates operators of any pleasure craft with a motor require a PCOC, even if the motor is not in use (ie a sailing vessel) or is a electric trolling motor. The PCOC is proof a person have the basic knowledge to operate a vessel.

So where does this tweet come from? well boats with motors greater then 10 horsepower are required to be licensed. this is synonymous with registering your car at the DMV. a boat license has nothing to do with your ability to operate a vessel, but is issued to the vessel itself.

this is why there are 9.9HP outboard motors – to avoid the licensing requirement.

Many people casually refer to the PCOC as a boat licence, much the same way you have a drivers licence. Transport Canada took the basic requirement for boat licensing, and applied it as the base requirement for a PCOC.

UPDATE: the tweet has been deleted and corrected to remove “of 10HP or more”

Algoma Mariner at the Grain Elevator

Algoma Mariner sailed Wednesday, but spent a day discharging cargo at the grain elevator. Algoma Mariner arrived from Thunder Bay, and sailed for the Quary at Aulds Cove.

Grain from the Prairies moves by rail to Thunder Bay, where it si then transported by ship. there are major export facilities in Montreal and Port Cartier PQ. Large vessels visiting Montreal to load often cant take a full cargo due to draft limitations, and will stop in Halifax to top up the holds.

USCGC Morro Bay

the US Coast Guard Ice-breaking tug Morro Bay is due to depart Tall Ships quay over the noon hour today. Morro Bay arrived in Halifax on the 23rd from Montreal, and is currently headed out of the lakes, likely for a work period.

One of 9 bay class ice breaking tugs, Morro Bay has been based in Cleveland Ohio since 2014, and entered service in 1981.

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