Old Boats, and Arrows – Weekly News #13

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1.Back to Norway
Roald Admunsen’s ship Maud has been raised and returned to Norway.

2. HMS Queen Elizabeth goes to America
the Royal Navy’s new Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is headed to America for tests with the F-35B. the F35-B variant is the vertical takeoff model, and is the aircraft the new british carriers were designed to Carry.

She was due to sail from Portsmouth, Aug 18, at 1800 local time.

3. 1907 Yacht Sails at Chester Race week.

The CH has an article about the Seneca – a yacht built in 1907, and still racing 111 years later

4. $$ for Harbours
Ottawa is set to spend $42million on Small Craft Harbours in Nova Scotia. Harbours being improved will be announced next week.


1. Wear your PFD
the port of Summerside PEI is enforcing TC rules requiring a PFD within 1m of the edge of he Wharf, even for people who arn’t working. I wonder if Pants would work.

2. Avro Arrow Models found


Aug 22 1731 – a lighthouse was erected at Louisbourg, by the French; the first in Canada and the 2nd in the New World. Louis XIV was king of France at the time.

Aug 21 1944 – HMCS Alberni is sunk by mine off St. Catherine’s Point, England. Thirty nine were lost.

Aug 20 1956 –  major fire at the Irving Oil Plant threatened the Halifax waterfront. HMC Dockyard and @hfxfire poured a million gallons of water on the fire

Aug 20, 1864 – The Confederate cruiser, Tallahasee, escaped from Halifax harbour through  Eastern Passage. The Union Navy was waiting outside the normal approaches to the harbour.

Aug 18, 1833 – The Royal William sailed from Pictou to England, proving a steamship could speedily make the transatlantic crossing. the Ship was funded by Brwer John Molson, and Samual Cunard.


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