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Dredging Underway

though it began last week, Tuesday marked the official start of dredging for the Halterm expansion. McNally appears to be using two dump scows, dumping the spoil at the reclamation area off Fairview Cove.

A loaded scow heads towards the basin

Dredging the Fraser River

The Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger  FRPD 309 working the south Channel of the Fraser River. FRPD stands for Fraser River Pile & Dredge. the ship in 112m in length, Can dredge to a Depth of 33m, and has a hopper capacity of  4630 m³. The Fraser River, as a river is prone to silting and requires constant dredging.

Group Ocean Moves East – Building Floating Dry dock in Bas-Caraquet

The New Brunswick government, the New Brunswick Naval Centre, and Group Océan  have signed an agreement aimed at reviving the shipbuilding and repair sector in Bas-Caraquet, which will generate up create up to 77 jobs and stimulate other economic spinoffs.

“Reviving shipbuilding in northern New Brunswick is important for job creation and supporting our provincial economy,” said Premier David Alward. “The arrival of Océan opens the door for shipbuilding and repair work to resume in northeast New Brunswick.”
The  tripartite agreement stipulates that Océan will establish its operations at the Naval Center of New Brunswick through a long-term lease. In the coming months, Océan will begin the first phase of the construction of a floating dry dock with a capacity of nearly 7,000 tons.

The dry dock will be constructed in three sections to reach a total length of 105 metres (350 ft.).
This large-scale equipment, which complements Océan’s current inventory, will bolster the range of services the company offers to customers. The dry dock will also meet the needs of Océan for the repair of its largest vessels. The creation of 57 to 77 jobs over a five-year period is planned under the agreement.

For Comparison, the ScotiaDock 2 was 150m, and the Novadock is 250m. this looks to be poised to bid on non NSPS government business (new naval tugs, etc) and compete for smaller repair jobs with Shelburne ship repair.

File photo above Dredge Ocean Traverse Nord taking in supplies before heading to do contract in the carribean. the Dredge was built at Ocean’s yard in Quebec.

Groupe Ocean Dredge Visits Halifax

The Group Ocean Dredge, Ocean Traverse Nord appeared at anchor last night, and moved to Pier 31 this Morning. Ocean Traverse Nord is Groupe Ocean’s new trailing suction hopper dredge which went into service last fall. It Can discharge via pipe, rainbowing or by splitting and dumping its hopper.

The Dredge was constructed at Oceans Own Shipyard in Quebec. Based in Quebec city, group Ocean primarily works in the St Lawrence river and Gulf of Saint Lawrence areas. groupe Ocean Had the Towing Contract for HMCS Athabaskan (Departure, Trouble Post ) and one of their tugs was built by Irving in PEI.

Photos to follow.

Suction Dredge HAM 318

The Training Suction Hopper Dredge HAM 318 made a stop this weekend for supplies. Trailing suction dredges work by dragging 2 suction heads on the ocean floor, which work material loose and vacumes it into the hoppers on board.

Dredgings can be discharged via Depositing through doors in the Hull, Pumping via a pipe attached to the bow, or Rainbowing where dredge material is pumped out of a monitor on the Bow.

HAM 318 is owned by Van Oord, who owns one of the largest Dreging fleets, and owns the Largest dredgers. HAM 318 is doing seabed dreging around wells at the Hiberina project off Newfoundland.

She is expected to Sail today, around 1400

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