Tug Genesis Victory and barge GW6506

Appearing to be loaded, and arriving from Texas, the Articulated Tug and barge Genesis Victory / GW6506 likely is waiting in the basin to offload at one of the terminals in Halifax. there are currently 6 Oil terminals in the Port. the First is the Tufts Cove Power plant, the Second is Wilson’s Fuel at Pier 9.

Irving has revamped their wharf at woodside, and is now accepting their own product. Imperial oil is still operating their terminal on the refinery site, McAsphalt industries operates a wharf in eastern passage to accept liquid asphalt products, and Valero has their wharf in Eastern Passage.

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One thought on “Tug Genesis Victory and barge GW6506

  1. Ingmar Lee

    Beware the insidious expansion of Texas-based ATB “pusher tugs” into Canadian waters. These tug/barge petroleum tankers exploit a crewing loophole which allows them to operate with as few as 5 crew, as opposed to as many as 30 required for a proper, seaworthy single unit 10,000 dwt tanker. This vessel is most likely operated by a crew of scabs. In BC they operate with “special waivers” which exempt them from using Canadian pilots. They employ no Canadian, they hire no Canadian pilots, they pay no fee, and these rickety river-boats offer nothing but imminent disaster to Canadian waters. For example, google the recent wreck of the Texas-based ATB “Nathan E Stewart” near Bella Bella BC last October. Cheers, Ingmar


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