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CBSA Container Inspection Facility

Progress continues on the new container inspection facility for Canada Border services, on Africville Rd. next to the Fairview cove terminal. Currently container flagged for inspection are trucked to their facility in Burnside.

The future plan has Fairview Cove handling the majority of truck traffic for both terminals, with container moving by rail between the terminals. CN already operates an inland terminal in Moncton to handle regional containers, and are interested in developing a facility in Debert

NYK Rumina gets inspected

The April 25th Call of NYK Rumina seems to have drawn the attention of the CBSA, which appeared to have a dive boat alongside. A Crewman can be seen on the deck, and a line is running from the Rumina to the CBSA’s Vessel.

NYK Rumina sailed on Schedule, so its unclear if the inspection revealed anything, nor is it known if the vessel was specifically targeted, or if this was part of normal customs operations.

The CBSA uses divers and ROV’s to search the underside of ships for Contraband. In a 2018 case, smugglers used divers to pack the sea chest of a Maersk vessel. Divers attempted to recover the drugs in Montreal, but abandoned the attempt, and were eventually caught in Halifax.

Saturday Work.

Priority Tied up at Fairview Cove  – Formerly the MOL Priority, her light blue hull was painted over. Built in 2002, shes sailing on the Alliance’s EC5 Service. She sailed for New York.

Maersk Palermo made the weekly Maersk call on Saturday. Given the Drugs found the previously on this route, Maersk Palermo was subject to inspection by the CBSA, and RCMP Dive Team. No word on if anything was found.

APL Vancouver also put in a first time call on CMA-CGM’s weekly service. Port Activities kept her well obstructed at pier 41.

Bulkers at Anchor

(Top) The unladen Pacific Ocean for CFIA Inspection

(Below) The Well Laden Frio Kyknos is actually a refrigerated Cargo Ship. Though she looks relatively Modern, Being built in 1993. The Derrecks rather then cranes on deck are a tipoff they seemed to be preferred for cargo handling on these vessels. – Refer vessels are expensive to build, and often have very long lives. she is also here for CFIA Inspection.

The last reefer I recall was the Cherry, Towed in for repairs in 2009.

The Product Tankers Continue

After a bit of a Lull, the parade of Product Tankers continues. Today brought 2 arrivals, one after each other.

Nord Steady (Above) was the second vessel to arrive, And anchored in the Basin for CFIA Gypsy Moth Inspection. She was built by STX in 2013, and operates for Nordane.

Cartagena Anchored in the inner harbour to wait her turn at the Ultramar dock in eastern Passage, Currently in use by AlgoScotia. Built in 2009, the GNMTC marking on her side refers to the General National Maritime Transport Co, which is the state owned Libyan shipping company.

Orient Dispatch for CFIA inspection

Spring is here, with the first CFIA Gypsy Moth Inspection. Vessels entering Canadian waters for areas where gypsy moths exist are required to provide documentation that the ship is Moth Free. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency then inspects ships to ensure compliance. The moths build nests in Nooks on vessels and on containers, and can then spread into local areas. The moths exist in Canada, however they are restricted to certain regions. (Nova Scotia is one, Parts of Ontario..)

The handysize Bulker Orient Dispatch arrived at anchor last night, and will sail late this morning. Built by Hyundai Mippo, in Ulsan, South Korea, she is new, having been built in 2013. She is owned and operated by InterOrient of Cyprus.

Handysize refers to vessels under 50000dwt, as their smaller size allows them to enter most ports, and they are typically also geared. Orient Dispatch comes in at 36000dwt.

Drugs Found in Halifax Shipping Container

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced today that a seizure of over 50 kg of cocaine at the Port of Halifax, and destined for Ontario, has resulted in two arrests.

On August 12, 2013, CBSA officers noted anomalies in X-ray images while examining a marine container containing a shipment of tire changers and balancers from Panama. After further examination officers located and seized 40 bricks of hidden cocaine totalling approximately 53.5 kilograms. The Container likely came off Rotterdam Express at Fairview Cove.

The narcotics were turned over to the National Ports Enforcement Team (NPET) which is comprised of the CBSA, RCMP and Halifax Regional Police for further investigation.On August 25, 2013, members of the RCMP conducted an operation in the Vaughan area of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which resulted in two arrests. Three search warrants were also executed as part of this ongoing investigation.

Crew Jump Ship

I have received word  that two crew members of the Egyptian vessel Wadi AlArab jumped ship yesterday – presumably before it sailed. One of them was apparently apprehended in Amherst. I have heard no other reports of this incident from other sources.

Google however did lead to a CBC report from April 2003 that this vessel was quarantined off Halifax, as the first mate had died, apparently from Anthrax. The Stoies can be found Here and here.

Zim Monaco

Zim Monaco tied  up at Pier 41 this Morning. In the foreground is Canada Border Services Portable Xray machine for inspecting containers. Containers will be driven through the scanner as they are offloaded.

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