Planespoting Info

Visible Realtime on
Flight radar is able to show only Aircraft that broadcast ADS-B signals in realtime. These are shown in Yellow. Most Domestic Aircraft only broadcast MODE-S which does not include position info. These are shown in Orange, come from FAA data, and are 5 minutes delayed.

Realtime Fleet Status

 A330, B767, E190 (some newer) (See All)

 B737-800 (See All)

 A310,A330 (See All)

 None Q400’s are mode-s only (See All)

 B737-700, B737-800 (See All)

Arrival and Departure Info
via and HIAA

VHF Frequencies 

119.2 Departure
118.4 Tower
236.6 Tower
121.9 Ground
275.8 Ground
122.125 Apron Advisory
123.95 Clearance Delivery
121.0 Automated Terminal Information Service

Additional scanning resources from the Maritime Scanning Site

Airport Chart