French Navy Sail Training Vessels Belle Poule and Étoile

The French Navy sail training vessels Etoile (A649) and Belle Poule (A650) arrived in Halifax this morning and tied up at Tall Ships Quay. They most recently took part in OP Sail events in the US, However are booked for an event in France the week Tall Ships is in Halifax.

Both the Étoile and the Belle Poule joined the Free French Forces during the Second World War, a deed for which they are still honoured by flying the French flag with the cross of Lorraine. They were both Launched on 8 February 1932.

UPDATE: They Depart Tomorow.


German Navy Visitors

3 German naval Vessels Arrived this Morning FGS Frankfurt am Main (below); FGS Hessen (Above) and FGS Emden (below below). FGS Frankfurt am Main has been to Halifax before, and is one of 2 perfered platforms for replacing HMCS Preserver and Protectur. The 3 vessels arrived spaced by an hour, which made photographing them more difficult. They will next be at the Quebec Naval Rendezvous June 6

Photo of FGS Emden below.


Royal Navy Visitor HMS Scott (H131)

HMS Scott is an ocean survey vessel of the Royal Navy, and the only vessel of her class. She is the third Royal Navy ship to carry the name, and the second to be named after the Antarctic explorer, Robert Falcon Scott. She was ordered to replace the survey ship HMS Hecla.

 Designed to commercial standards, she provides the Royal Navy with a deep bathymetric capability off the continental shelf. At 13,500 tonnes Scott is the fifth largest ship in the Royal Navy. Scott is lean-manned with a complement of only 78. This is made possible by adopting commercial manning practices such as the use of fixed fire fighting systems and extensive machinery safety surveillance technology. Scott has been specially designed to carry the modern High Resolution Multi Beam Sonar System (HRMBSS). This swathe echo sounder is capable of collecting depth information over a strip of the sea bed several kilometers wide & gives Scott the capability of surveying 150km2 of ocean floor every hour.

 She will Be in Halifax untill the 4th.
Info Above form Wikipedia and the Royal Navy


USCGC Juniper to visit Halifax

U.S. Coast GuardCutter Juniper, homeported in Newport, R.I., is scheduled to arrive at the Maritime Museum wharf around 1500 this afternoon. She will depart late afternoon on the 17th. She is Visiting as part of USCG Titanic Commemorations, having Completed her mission to scatter 1.5 million dried rose petals over the final resting place of the RMS Titanic, on April 14, 2012, as part of a memorial ceremony for the 100th anniversary of the tragedy.

Photo above is USCGC Juniper off Chebucto Head about to board her Pilot.
Additional Photos to follow. UPDATE: USCGC Juniper now scheduled to Depart Tomorow Morning at 0800


Tall Ships Preview

The Tall ships are coming July 19 – 23. While the details of the Nova Scotia stops are thin, The American stops feature a significant Non-sail naval presence to commemorate the war of 1812 along with the Tall ships themselves. Though not confirmed for Halifax, these are some likely Sail Attendees.

BAE Guayas (BE-21) – Ecuadoran Navy
KRI Dewaruci – Indonesian Navy
ARC Gloria – Colombian Navy.
NE Cisne Branco (u20) – Brazilian navy
SPS Juan Sebastian De Elcano (A01) – Spanish Navy
USCGC Eagle – US Coast Guard

I would also expect a significant NATO Presence around this time, due to their stops in the US – Including HMS Talent, RFA Argus, FGS Hessen, HDMS Absalon, and KNM Thor Heyerdahl.

Photo Above is the Picton Castle form Tall Ships 2009

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