BBC Mont Blanc for CFIA Inspection

This year has seen a number of vessels anchor for Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Gypsy Moth Inspections. It was noticed in 2012 that a number of inspected vessels were carrying the Asian Gypsy Moth, the the CFIA and USDA have stepped up their inspection program between March and October of this year (Presumably the moth is not laying eggs over the winter months)

The Asian Gypsy moth is an insect that is native to Japan, China, Korea and Eastern Russia, and can eat large amounts of foliage and result in extensive damage to forests. The Moths typically will lay eggs in protected areas of ships and containers ( Under overhangs, in corners etc.) and can hatch and spread once they are in Canada.

Ships that have visited ports in the affected areas are required to produce a certificate that they are free of Asian Gypsy Moths. On Arrival to Canada, the vessels are required to undergo an inspection to verify the certificate and ensure they are free from the Pest.

For More on the Gypsy moth inspection program see CFIA Directive D 95-03

BBC Mont Blanc Departed at 1530 for Bull Arm NF.

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