RCN Sails for Task Group Excercise

Several warships sailed from Halifax, today, to participate in a Task Group Exercise (TGEX) from Nov. 25 to Dec. 6, 2013. The TGEX is part of NORAD exercise Amalgam Dart which runs from Dec. 3-5, practicing interoperability between the RCN, RCAF, and USAF.  RCN ships participating in the TGEX include HMCS Iroquois, Ville De Quebec, Halifax, Fredericton, Kingston, and Windsor.

Exercises like this TGEX are key for RCN units to maintain operational readiness and deploy on joint operations in a rapid and effective manner. TGEXs strengthen Canada’s ability to work in a multi-national and joint environment on a wide range of potential operations and missions.

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