HMCS Iroquois Cracked.

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that HMCS Iroquois Suffered stress cracks in her superstructure, while on recent exercises, and as a result will be restricted in heavy seas. Engineers are still evaluating the damage, however if the damage is significant, This will likely lead to the decommissioning of the Iroquois.

At 42 years old, The 280 class Tribals were not intended to be upgraded to support the CH149 Cyclone Helicopter, leaving them lacking the ability to Carry the aircraft once it comes into service. It was widely expected that they would be retired around 2017, And several of the Halifax Class vessels received the Command and Control features the tribals possessed that the frigates lacked.

The HMCS HURON was decommissioned in 2005. If Iroquois is Decommissioned, their will be 1 tribal remaining per coast – Algonquin on the West, and Athabaskan on the East.

(File Photo Above)

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