Top 10 Warship Visits

Halifax is the Home to Canada’s East Coast Navy. As a result, We get lots of Warship Visits. Here are the Top 10, However you can see them all with the Visiting Ships Tag.

1. HMS Dauntless (D33)

2. USS New Mexico – After surfacing at the pole

3. USCGC Morro Bay USCG Icebreaking Tug.

4. USS Fort Worth LCS-3  the Second LCS of the Type. The First LCS USS Freedom also stopped by

5. HDMS Esbern Snare Danish Command Ship.

 6. PLAN Zheng He – First Chinese Vessel Visit for Halifax.

 7. HMS Scott – British Royal Navy Survey Vessel.

8.San Giusto Italian Amphibious Assault Ship

9. USS Wasp American Amphibious Assault Ship

10.HDMS Ejnar Mikkelson – Danish Arctic Patrol Vessel.

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