Coasting Trade application Filled by CCGS

Earlier we reported on a RFP to transport the last 2 hero class vessels to Victoria. The rfp seemed to hint that the 2 vessels could be delivered to a US port, thus averting cabotage requirements.

The CCGS has now filed a request for a coasting trade licence for a to be determined heavy lift vessel to transport the 2 hero class boats to victoria. this suggests that an rfp winner has been selected but not announced.

Seems to me a good PR Move for the feds to sail the vessels via Northwest passage – though such a trip is beyond there design range – the could be resupplied on route by other larger CCGS vessels or the RCN.

I suspect Dockwise or jumbo will be awarded the contract. The range of dates is almost a full year – Nov 1 2014 to Sept 30 2015

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