Nautical Disasters.

So I started out to make a list of the top 10 incidents I’ve covered. This didnt work out so well, since there seem to be so many, So Instead, I present 9 types of assorted Pearls at Sea 1. Damaged Cargo/Containers During Handling A Container being unloaded failed, Causing a Radio Active Scare at […]

NTSB Release Bounty Report

The US NTSB released its report into the Sinking of the Bounty. The Bounty was Built in Lunenburg for the 1962 MGM Movie. You can find all our coverage of the Sinking Here (Above: Bounty from tall ships 2009  Below: from Tallships 2012, 2 months before her sinking) From the Release: A captain’s “reckless decision […]

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