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APL Belgium, Parked Backwards

APL Beligum spent the day at Fairview Cove, port side to the Pier.. Ships Tend to prefer to back into the births, as they can steam straight out. When She Departed, just after 1600, the tugs backed her out into the basin, and she then proceeded forward through the narrows, in a move similar to one you would make backing out your driveway.

Ships at piers 41/42 at Halterm will also turn on arrival, So the Bow Faces in the outbound direction.
In this case they probably wanted to touch up some paint, or do some other work on that side of the vessel.

APL Coral has leaking Cargo

APL Coral not only didn’t sail as scheduled from Fairview cove yesterday,but this morning she moved forward a birth. The move was to facilitate todays arrival of Oakland Express.

APL Coral’s departure was delayed due to leaking cargo forming a minor spill. Atlantic Industrial Cleaners have be contacted to do the cleanup, and presumably the ship will sail once the spill is cleaned and the cargo secured/cleaned up.

First G6 Vessel, on G6 Rotation

The APL Cyprine Arrived around 10 pm last night, and is the first vessel to reach Halifax on the New G6 Service. She sailed Just after noon today, bound for New Jersey.

Halifax previously had visits from Hapag Llyoyd vessels Dalian Express and Yantain Express, which will be assigned to the new G6 service.

Photos to follow in Daylight Tomorow.

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