Live Tweeting the Halifax Explosion

Live tweeting is such an awkward term for tweeting events that happened 94 years ago, but I suppose it is less awkward then Historical re-enactment Tweeting..

If you Follow @hfxshippingnews on twitter, you will see I am live tweeting the Halifax explosion. A tweet will occur at the same time key events took place, 94 years ago to the minute.

We all know the story of the Halifax explosion. The Mont-Blanc Laden with explosives, collides with the Imo in the narrows. The Mont-Blanc catches fire, explodes, and flattens the north end, killing two thousand people. What most people don’t realize, or appreciate is that every incident has a timeline, and that the players in this incident are already in motion. Your Morning routine is much the same as it would have been in 1917.

Today, vessels are at anchor, and there are expected arrivals and departures, for the most part, residents of Halifax pay no attention. They will get up tomorrow morning, go through the morning routine, send the kids to school, and go off to work. As the tweets come in, you can experience, 94 years later, how your ordinary day, became extraordinary.

I See @ns_archives will also be doing this with the tag #hfxexplosion

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