Brilliance of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines vessel Brilliance of the Seas paid a visit to Halifax this past Saturday. Having a Friend who works for RCCL I was able to get a tour. A cruise ship really is a giant floating resort. The only hint your on a boat is the hum from the generators.

Security is tight, requiring both a Visitors pas form the Port authority, and a visitors Card for the Ship. As you board the ship, you are photographed, and your card is scanned on boarding, and again on disembarkation, so they always know who is aboard.

While I toured, the Algoma Dartmounth was bunkering.

 Alas I thought I took some interior shots, But apparently not. Special Thanks to the Crew of RCCL Brilliance of the Seas for the Tour.

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1 thought on “Brilliance of the Seas

  1. Damian Bathory

    Being on a cruise ship for real is quite the experience. Still, that didn't stop us from getting PPLIC plans in case something went wrong – especially after the Costa Concordia incident. It's better to be prepared these days.


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