Tug Craig Trans Detained

The Tug Craig Trans arrived in Halifax Several days ago to wait out weather, it is being deatined for deficencies in the vessel and its accomidations. The crew apparently ran out of food 3 days out of Halifax.

CTV News Reports:
It came in out of the weather to the Port of Halifax,” says Michele Peverill of the Halifax Port Authority. “Transport Canada did an inspection and noted deficiencies that need to be repaired before it can leave port.”

Aboard the boat are eight Honduran sailors, who ran out of food and water three days ago.
“On the boat is, ah, right now, is no water, no food, it’s kind of tough on the boat right now. We get here, it’s better. We get a lot of help here,” says Chief Mate Pedro Andrade.
Help has come from the Mission to Seafarers.

“The first thing we did this morning was take breakfast onboard for them and some hot coffee. We supplied food again at lunchtime,” says Mission to Seafarers co-ordinator Maggie Wittingham-Lamont.

“There’s no water to bathe, we had a couple of jugs for drinking,” says Andrade.
Jim Stonehouse says his company, Atship, is fronting money, taking care of humanitarian needs and even took one crew member to hospital for a minor ailment.

Andrade says the tug was on its way to Montreal where it was assigned to pick up a ship for scrap.
The Craig Trans was built in 1944 in Florida and is registered in the landlocked South American country of Bolivia. It is owned by Vesta Shipping of New Jersey.
“A lot of things got to be touched up,” says Andrade.

Wittingham-Lamont says donations of money or lightly-used winter clothing would be appreciated from anyone who wants to help the crew.

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